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The World Logistics Center is an architecturally iconic development, the greenest and most sustainable facility of its kind. Environmental impacts will be minimized and isolated largely to the project’s site in east Moreno Valley, away from heavily populated areas.¬†Below is a video with more details on the World Logistics Center and the benefits it will bring to Moreno Valley.


To view videos that will educate you about key components of the World Logistics Center please click the links below. Each of these videos have been done by third parties.
Moreno Valley We Can Soar World Logistics Center
MORENO VALLEY SOARS – Done by The City of Moreno Valley
See and hear the exciting story of the proposed World Logistics Center. This is the time for Moreno Valley to become a global gateway for international trade. Demand is growing for large-scale logistics facilities like the World Logistics Center. Getting there first is critical. The benefits for Moreno Valley await. The time for bold action is now.
City of Moreno Valley East End Development Forum
Post by the City of Moreno Valley
The City of Moreno Valley needs jobs to ignite the economy and change our jobs to housing ratio. The opportunity exists right now to plan development to do just that. On January 18, 2012, the City of Moreno Valley held a community forum to present information about a development plan in Rancho Belago on the east end of Moreno Valley.”
Clean Diesel Power, Ready for Tomorrow, Working Today
A diverse collection of federal, state and local officials joined EPA, environmental, health and industry representatives in October in Washington, DC to highlight a new 2010 generation of clean diesel power in trucks and buses and celebrate the clean air accomplishments of the past 10 years. Clean Diesel 10 celebrated the success of 10 years of EPA’s National Clean Diesel Campaign while planning environmental goals for the future and the Diesel Technology Forum held a press conference and technology display to outline the significant technological and environmental advances in the new generation of 2010 diesel trucks and buses.