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Thank you for your interest in the World Logistics Center. We all agree that we need more local jobs in Moreno Valley.  Not only will local jobs shorten our long commutes, these jobs, together with the millions of tax revenues generated from the project, will provide much needed funds for city services such as police, fire and schools.

This is what this project is all about — making Moreno Valley a better place to live and work.

The project is in the right place and comes at the right time. It takes land currently designated for more housing and converts it to a job-producing land use.  It is planned to the highest standards to be a next-generation logistics campus designed to attract the world’s leading companies.

As importantly, the 2,600-acre campus will be one of the most sustainable developments of its kind. The project’s innovative environmental design, water conservation strategies as well as its utilization of advanced, cleanest diesel technology available, will ensure the outmost in environmental compatibility. The project will encompass 40.6 million square feet of buildings and will be constructed over a period of 15 years, generating thousands of construction jobs.

The $3 billion World Logistics Center project, right here in Moreno Valley, will not only be a tremendous boost to our local economy, it will also generate millions in city fees, money that can help improve our public safety, build schools, streets, fire stations and other much needed public facilities.